best raspberry ketone supplement brand

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A google search for raspberry ketone will generate a result with many brands that offer this product and all claim that are the best. This makes it harder for you to decide which one to buy. I will talk about four factors that you need to keep in mind before you decide to do so:

1. Dosage. The dosage of Raspberry Ketone is 100mg-200mg per day.

This is stated by and American health professional, Lisa Lynn, which recommends 100mg-200mg of Raspberry Ketone daily.

2. Their Certificate of analysis (COA)91161 RASPBERRY KETONES1 251x300 best raspberry ketone supplement brand

3. Their website MUST have TRUSTED SHOPS CERTIFICATE (Trusted Shops has assessed this shop for over 40 quality criteria, including solvency, price transparency, customer service and data protection.)

4. Ensure that they offer money back guarantee. At least 30 days.

A product that has all these criteria is raspberry ketone plus sold by evolutions slimming

Raspberry ketone plus was featured on fox news … and many people report good result including myself. Using this product I lost 12 lbs in 20 days.

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